Trees – Evergreen, Deciduous Trees & Shrubs for Garden Landscape

Trees & Shrubs – The plants that add real value to your property

Trees & Shrubs - Jobe's LandscapeEvergreen deciduous trees & shrubs are the bones of your garden or landscape. They are the plants that provide vertical structure and year-round interest. The myriad of evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs will boggle one’s mind. One has fingered leaves, another red bark or paper-like bark, one blooms purple flowers, another has a wandering habit or shinny evergreen leaves. Still others give you brilliant fall foliage. People spend their entire lives learning and studying the vast number of cultivars, yet there is always more to learn.

Landscapes are widely diverse and highly personal. Let Jobe’s help you plan your perfect design with our expert staff.

Here at Jobe’s Landscape, we don’t claim to know everything there is to know about trees and shrubs, but we certainly have a knowledge to know what grows best here in the Rehoboth Beach, Bethany Beach, Ocean View, Lewes, Milford & Milton, Sussex County, Delaware area for seaside, in-town and rural properties. Both residential and commercial sites increase in aesthetic and monetary value by adding a variety of trees and shrubs. We are experienced in proper planting and pruning techniques and will design, plant and maintain your home or business property for years to come. Adding trees and shrubs will greatly increase property value too!

There is no greater home improvement than landscaping or planting trees and shrubs. The return on your investment can be immediate and will increase in profitability as the years go by.

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