Flower Gardens

FLOWER GARDENS - Improve your landscape, home, yard & spirit with a well planned flower garden front or back yard, large or small.
Improve your landscape, home, yard & spirit with a well planned flower garden front or back yard, large or small.


Flower Gardens brighten your day and your soul!

Flower Gardens –  Nothing will improve your landscape, home, yard or spirit more than a well planned flower garden–small or large. Flowers brighten your day and reach deep into the soul. Any gardener knows how therapeutic some time in the garden truly is. Jobe’s Landscape has an excellent knowledge and years of experience in designing, growing and maintaining a wide array of flowers, both annuals and perennials. Whether your property is commercial or residential, flowers play an important role in making your site more appealing year-round.Flower Gardens - Jobe's Landscape Flower Gardens

For all property owners, making the right selection of plants is the single most important ingredient for the successful garden. Many homeowners become disenchanted with flower gardening because they have not selected the proper plant for the proper site, yet they are unaware of this. Most folks see a pretty flower at a garden center, bring it home and plant it where they think it will look pretty – and then a couple of months later wonder why it died. Most of the time the plant did not survive because it wasn’t planted in the proper place – although a lot of people forget to water or over water also! To accomplish proper plant selection and placement, you can rely on Jobe’s to be knowledgeable on all levels.

Flower Gardens –  We will all need to consider the following:

  • Identify the overall “look” you are trying to achieve and the kind of garden you want to create.
  • Understand the conditions that determine which plants will grow successfully.

We work with nature whenever possible. We inform our clients that they can not always grow exactly what they might like to, wherever they please. The most successful landscapers and gardeners are those who look at how plants grow in their natural habitat. We know which flowers grow best and understand their needs. This goes a long way in providing you with an ecologically sound environment. This also helps to provide you with a more successful long-term planting in the Rehoboth Beach, Bethany Beach, Ocean View, Lewes, Sussex County, Delaware area.

Other things to consider in planning flowers in your landscape: Flower Gardens - Jobe's Landscape Flower Gardens

  • Soil – acid, alkaline, heavy, sandy, hot, cool, wet, dry.
  • Types of appropriate plants – height, foliage vs flowers, texture, form, seasonal interest.
  • The “bones” of the garden – structure, paths, vertical elements, trees and shrubs.
  • Winter interest – evergreen shrubs and trees, berry producing plants, plants with colorful bark, ornamental grasses.
  • Difficult spots – seaside gardens, gale winds, water logged plots, dry ground exposed to hot summer sun, awkward slopes, heavily shaded areas.

We have plenty of ideas for these problems and will creatively solve them for you.