Ornamental Grasses – Low Maintenance & Native Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental Grasses… Low maintenance & native beautiesOrnamental Grasses - Jobe's Landscape

Our landscape designers include a variety or ornamental grasses in our plans for the beauty they contribute throughout the seasons. They are a key part of an ecological, natural landscape plan due to their wide diversity and adaptability. Grasses in the landscape give us a fluid, dynamic and constantly changing scene. They are a must for the naturalistic or informal garden and landscape. Certain varieties that are more vertical and rigid also work well in a formal design.

Today there are hundreds of varieties of grasses for you to choose from. Now they embody a huge array of textures, forms, sizes, colors, flowering times and cultural adaptations.

In the ecologically sound landscape, the designer needs plants for creative expression as well as those that link well with the larger ecology. Gardens must be inspiring and conserving – and grasses do just that.Ornamental Grasses - Jobe's Landscape

The aesthetic appeal of ornamental grasses is very distinct from that of most garden perennials. Grasses offer a wealth of beauty derived from translucency, line, form, texture, scale, seasonal change, sound and movement. Their colors are softly sophisticated, subtle and varied.

The shapes of grasses include tightly tufted mounds, neatly symmetrical fountains, vertical uprights, and irregular cascades. Grasses often change form considerably over the course of a garden year. Although grasses share a linear nature, they encompass a wide range of textures from ultra-fine to coarse.Ornamental Grasses - Jobe's Landscape