Evergreens Professional Landscape Design & Installations

The Mainstay of the Landscape

Evergreens Professional Landscape – An evergreen is a plant that keeps its leaves or needles all year round. It can be a tree or shrub. It may or may not be “green” in color. Rather, it may be yellow, blue or red. It may flower or maybe not. Evergreens grow as tall or taller than your home and as short as a ground hugging spreader.

Evergreens are the mainstay of landscaping. With over a thousand varieties commercially available, you can select shades and textures in any form you need or desire. All offer the permanence of color that has given them their name.

Evergreens play a big role as the constant beauties of the garden. They are excellent border for planting, hedges or graceful rows of majestic trees. Groupings provide harmonious accents for the house, lawn and patio. Ground hugging types spread green blankets where grass is difficult to maintain or unwanted.

Most people think of evergreen as the pine or spruce trees. But magnolias, rhododendrons, azaleas and hollies, plus many others, are in the broad leaf evergreen category. The pines, junipers, spruce, etc., are considered narrow-leaved evergreens.

Evergreens Professional Landscape - Jobe's Landscape

Evergreens Professional Landscape – There are 6 basic shapes of the “narrow-leaved” evergreens

  • Broad conical (like traditional Christmas trees)
  • Narrow conical (Alberta Spruce)
  • Columnar (Mediterranean cypress)
  • Rounded (Globe arborvitae)
  • Vase-like (grow outwards as well as upwards, usually an irregular shape)
  • Creeping or prostrate – grow no more than 12 in in height


Jobe’s Landscape can help you design and plant your landscape with a knowledge of the varieties of evergreen trees and shrubs that appeal to you and are best suited for your property.