Tips & Tricks on Caring for your Gardens Roses

Tips on Roses

Tips & Tricks – Roses are tough, woody, ornamental plants that can withstand a lot of abuse when established. But they’re most vulnerable as young plants just coming to their new home. Here are some points to remember to help make the transition to your landscape a successful one.

Tips & TricksTips & Tricks - Jobe's Landscape

  • Roses prefer at least six hours or more of sun each day. The more sun, the more blooms.
  • Find an area free from root competition from nearby shrubs or trees.
  • Soil should be loose enough to drain easily, as roses like to be well irrigated.
  • If your soil is clay, dig a larger than needed hole and amend the soil you return to it with organic matter and sand.
  • If your soil is sandy, amend it with lots of well-rotted organic matter. Peat moss works well, but compost is better.
  • In areas with very poor soil, raised beds are a good option.
  • Water deeply and thoroughly with each irrigation.
  • Once your plants are established, fertilize monthly during the flowering season and mulch the planted bed to keep down weeds, cool the soil in summer and conserve water.

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