Indoor Plants – Interior Decorating with House Plants

Indoor Plants – Interior Decorating with House Plants

Indoor Plants - Jobe's LandscapeFoliage plants offer a fantastic opportunity – they can dramatically change the appearance of a ho-hum room into one filled with life and appear. Imaginatively used, plants not only create a stunning display, but they can also provide a simple and economical way to solve interior decorating problems. The varied foliage of house plants adds pattern and color, modified straight lines and softens harsh areas. Of course we use plants for their beauty, but there are numerous other uses for foliage plants in an indoor environment

Indoor Plants – Use of houseplants:

  • Correct architectural problems.
  • Separate a large room into different living areas.
  • Shorten the apparent length of a long, narrow room.
  • Fill awkward corner by softening sharp edges.
  • Create an effect of drama.
  • Provide an unusual focal point.
  • Provide more oxygen for cleaner air.
  • Bring nature indoors.

Jobe’s Landscape will visit your home or business, assess your needs and discuss your likes and dislikes and then select the proper plants for you. Color, size, lighting requirements and temperature will all be considered. We will select, and place the plants for you and maintain them, if you choose.

Indoor gardening can be taken up on a more grand scale by including a special room or greenhouse in your building plans or using an existing room with lots of good light. On a smaller scale, many can garden indoors on a kitchen windowsill, a steamy bathroom or any other well-lighted room. Plus, if there is a spot where plants will help to solve a problem, “grow lights” can be installed.

And never forget that PLANTS ARE LIVING THINGS. They will appreciate a little tender loving care in return for all they provide for you – beauty, drama, more oxygen for cleaner, better air and a closeness to nature – even when you are inside.