Shrubs – Provide the growing structure of your landscape

Year-round structure for the landscape and garden

Along with trees, shrubs provide the growing structure of your landscape. At Jobe’s, we will help our residential and commercial clients select the best choices among the thousands of evergreens, conifers and deciduous shrubs appropriate for the seaside, town and rural areas of Rehoboth Beach, Lewes, Bethany, Millsboro, Milton and Sussex County, Delaware. Trees & Shrubs - Jobe's Landscape


Shrubs can be categorized broadly into two groups–evergreens and deciduous. Each comes in an enormous variety–literally thousands–but, that narrows as we choose the best for our geographic region.

Jobe’s will design your landscape with an excellent assortment of shrubs. We can even show you a design in 3D with our “photo realistic” software that shows your property already planted with the trees, shrubs and flowers and a design we have created for your site.

Evergreens- An evergreen is a plant that keeps its leaves or needles all year long. It may or may not be “green” in color. Rather, it may be yellow, blue or red. It may flower or maybe not. Evergreens grow as tall or taller than your home and as short as a ground hugging spreader.

Deciduous- A deciduous shrub is one that loses its leaves in fall and re-grows them in spring.  It is the deciduous plant that may offer brilliant fall foliage and provide beautiful spring and summer flowers.