Hardscapes - We are experts in building stone walkways, borders and retaining walls!
Jobe’s Hardscapes – We are experts in building stone walkways, borders and retaining walls!


Enhance outdoor living with hardscapesHARDSCAPES - Jobe's Landscape - Stone Wall Systems

HARDSCAPES – Jobe’s Landscape serving Rehoboth Beach, Bethany Beach, Ocean View, Lewes, Milford & Milton and the surrounding areas of Sussex County Delaware can offer you professionally designed and installed hardscapes.

Hardscaping with patios, walkways, walls, decks, arbors and other structures helps to create the “bones” of your landscape, along with trees and large shrubs.

Hardscapes using interlocking pavers, field stone and other types of stone create lasting beauty for years to come. Many people choose pavers, walls, walkways and patios because of the beauty and practicality they provide. You can achieve a customized designed look that maintain its distinctive elegance for decades.

Pool decks made with pavers are safe. Cables and plumbing can be easily accessed without having to remove everything. Pavers and stone are non-toxic materials that are guaranteed for life and free of any hazard to your health. When an area is designed with harmony, the result is a perfect balance of shapes and colors. We want you to enjoy it as long as possible. With a bit of imagination, and the right materials, even the smallest outdoor space becomes a refuge that’s a pleasure to come home to.HARDSCAPES - Jobe's Landscape - Stone Pathways

Now is the time to redesign your space and give your home a distinctive look. An affordable landscape design that requires little care means being able to dedicate time and money to making other dreams a reality

We will work with you to help achieve the look you want within the budget your have designated.

An investment in “photo realistic” design assures you will achieve the “look” you want. Maybe you are unsure of what color scheme might look best with your home. With 3D design you can see what a pastel color scheme in your garden will look like vs a “hot” scheme – the reds and yellows. Or maybe it’s just hard to imagine a big oak tree in front of your home or a privacy planting in your back yard.

The possibilities are endless so, let us build your next stone home improvement project and we promise, you will not be disappointed!