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Ground Covers - Landscaping for Residential & Commercial Applications

Ground Covers - Essential for a successful landscape!

Ground CoversMost every landscape and garden needs to have the soil covered with something in order to have a successful planting. Ground covers protect the soil from hot, brutal sun and prevent it from drying out quickly after watering or rain. Ground covers also protect plants from winters freezing temperatures and well as improve the overall aesthetics of the landscape. Plus, they dramatically reduce maintenance as they shade the ground allowing few weeds from growing.

Jobe's Landscape offers several types of ground covers for both residential and commercial clients.

Traditional Ground Covers:

  • A variety of mulches - They further enhance the soil by natural decomposition providing additional nutrients.
  • A variety of stones - Colorful and decorative, help to eliminate weeding, but do not provide any nutritive value for the soil.
  • A variety of plants - From Ivy to Hostas... The list is to long!